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S M Engineers started in year 1985 with small repairing facility for instruments like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer and Plunger Dial etc. for small scale industries. This sector of industry is an important factor for industrial growth in Indian conditions. But for this sector due to financial constraint it is difficult to procure new instrument if the old ones are worn-out or damaged due to poor handling.


We at S M Engineers have not limited out activity of repairing to Vernier, Micrometer & Dials, but also developed the facility for items like Lever Dial, Bore Gauge, Dial / Digimatic Ht. Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Torque wrenches. The repairing activity has been fully equipped with genuine spares which are a key to success & bringing the instruments in acceptable condition for our valued clients. After establishing the repairing set-up which was initially supported by small inspection activity has been fully converted to CALIBRATION LABORATORY by 1990.


All primary Standard / Equipments used for Calibration in Laboratory are directly calibrated from NPL (National Physical Laboratory) to maintain the need of traceability, which is basis condition for ISO-9000 certification. By 1992-1995 we have established as only source in & around Pune for all types Mechanical Instruments as a House of Repairing & Calibration.


After launching of NABL in India.Calibration activity has become a very important aspect for ISO 9000 / TS Certification. By 1999-2000 at S M Engineers a well recognized set-up to cater all level of Industries like small, medium & large sector has been established with Various masters from world reputed firm like Tesa, Trimos, Sylvac, Mahr & Nikon has been installed in laboratory.


A team of qualified engineers & skilled technicians are the back bone of S M Engineers, under the valuable guidance of Mr. Mahesh Rabade who is also a qualified engineer and well experienced in the field of Metrology for last 25 years. By this time we have served more than 600 Nos. of customers & eager to support you for your any problem in field of Repairing & Calibration of all types of Mechanical instruments.

NABL Accreditation (Certificate Link)
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Our Laboratory In Pune :

Our Laboratory In Pune